vos Rendez-Vous Réussis avec la Presse 
(Your successful meetings with the Press)

The Chèques RP (The PR Voucher) :
Whatever its size your enterprise can improve its communication with the Chèques RP system. Your Press Relations requirements, whether specific or recurrent, can be tailored in relation to your budget.
Each type of Chèques RP is a complete service. Every Press Release is systematically followed up by calls to journalists.
The Chèques RP are created by François HERVÉ.
This list is some examples for Public Relations. Contact us for other PR in France (specific,...)
The + of Chèques RP :
 + Terms adapted to your needs and to your company
 + Your own ambassador for all contacts with French journalists
 + Your Press-infos available at all times ( 7 days/week )
RV RP : Contact - Address - Notoriety